Coop Hopes is an editing clan, founded in July 2017. It is based on the runification of some clans, particularly between Cubic Matter (cm), Mapping Xdream (mX) and some other awesome guys to create a new merged clan to excel the force/capacity of those previous clans and to create Coop Hopes.




Coop Hopes got multiple goals: improving the editing community (by our experience), bring to Sauerbraten a new area (area of modding) and having, like in the old times, some big projects.

– MysteryCube



The goal is to bring the sauerbraten to new levels (in design / technical terms), for example, create new modes that the sauer has not yet seen (prison mode, defrag/bhop, generation modes), multifunctional servers, creating its own server fashion capable of great opportunities. For example, there is no way to go far enough, just look at my lobby maps, and start the modes in the big hall where the oak In a word, progress.

– TemaX



To resuscitate the endangered editing community by uniting as one to create a legacy that shall not be forgotten.

– DarkFire



I think the goal is to ressurrect the editing part of sauerbraten, getting all of the editors together in a clan, that way we can make more maps together, etc.

– Galaxy



Our goal is to provide an active edit Clan which one can work with. So we can implement huge projects or even small things very quickly.




To continue community projects that leave a legacy left behind.

– nopnotme



To bring sauer to the next generation, with new and unique maps. A close group of friends with a passion for art.

– Khorne



Coop Hopes clan is made out of skilled CubeScript users and mappers, so it comes natural to me that it’s goal shall be projects which combine those two things, namely something like “Coop Client” or even new gamemodes, but inside Sauerbraten, since we’re first and foremost Sauerbraten clan.

– 7YearBitch



Coop Hopes forms the network that we need, to achieve creative goals none of us could reach alone.


– Cooper



It’s an amazing feeling to be back editing with new friends and familiar faces


– Foxy





Besides having interest in joining a community and giving your best all the time, there’s the need of having an invitation of ch members. The time you received one, you are free to write an application [Check the application requirements on the forum to make sure there is everything you need in your application].



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